The Importance of Soil Sampling – Liquid Fertiliser Tanks Store Fertilizer Efficiently



The importance of soil sampling was reinforced by Farming Life this week. It stated that good productive soils are the foundation of any successful farm system and that the ability of soils to supply nutrients at a time and in an appropriate quantity for grass and crop can be key to determining productivity. Therefore, a farms ability to manage soil fertility levels should be a primary objective.

If you work in agriculture then you’ll only be too aware of fertilizer costs which can account for some 15 to 20 per cent of the total variable costs of a farm. Speaking to Farming Life, Grassland Agro’s Campbell Hume stated that, although fertiliser costs represent good value for money when used correctly, fertiliser rates are either too low, too high, or not in balance with the soil fertility factors and will yield lower returns on the investment made. Therefore, soil sampling analysis is vital for farmers to ensure that they are planning fertiliser and lime applications effectively.

Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks enable farmers to bulk-buy and store large volumes of pre-mixed liquid fertiliser on site. So as well as knowing to apply the correct levels of fertiliser, other cost savings farmers can expect are bulk-buying savings and savings in mixing time, which can be labour intensive.

To learn more about storing liquid fertiliser, along with information on the Enduramaxx range of liquid fertiliser tanks, horizontal and vertical storage tanks, please get in touch now!

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