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World premiere for mobile chipper


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“The basis is a Morbark 3800, which we’ve equipped with a rotary base, tracks, cab and grapple boom. The result is a chipper that can easily navigate forest roads. Because it’s completely mobile, one operator can manage the entire process from the raw material to the finished chips in containers.”

The speaker is Mats Johansson, who is in charge of sales of Morbark in Sweden. At World Bioenergy 2010 in Jönköping, Sweden this machine concept was being shown for the first time.
“The chips are crushed by giant teeth in the machine,” he says. “That way the machine is not so vulnerable to the stones and gravel that go in too. As a result it is more flexible in what it can process: stumps, slash, stems – it crushes them all equally well.”

Easy to move
The material to be crushed is brought out as usual to the forest roads. But instead of the chipping being done at a terminal, this chipper does it in the forest.
“The operator steers the machine on its tracks along the road. Then he fills the load container with, say, stumps, and then turns the entire machine around on its rotary base towards containers or its own trailer.”
The machine plus trailer can be driven at 80 km/h on normal roads, for instance when it has to be moved short distances.
“Once you’ve unloaded the machine in an area where you have to work in several different places, one operator can keep the entire production process going by himself,” Mats says.
“This machine has been developed for accessibility and efficiency, plus ergonomics for the operator – which is thanks in part to the comfortable cab.”

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