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  • What Are Benefits Of Fish Farming Business?

    What Are Benefits Of Fish Farming Business?

    Fish farming is basically the commercial raising of fish in tanks and ponds for food production. Commercial fish farming has established profitable commercial opportunities worldwide. It is well known that fish is an important source of food and protein, so the demand and price of fish and fish-related products have increased rapidly along with population growth.


  • The heating costs are 70% lower in our new shed

    The brothers Jack and Mark Renders in Son & Breugel in The Netherlands produce 185,000 regular broilers in five houses. They chose DACS ventilation and controls for their new house, commissioned in September 2019. Easier to operate “The ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Poultry House Air Inlet - Poultry Farm Ventilation Systems

    Poultry House Air Inlet - Poultry Farm Ventilation Systems

    The CoronaD air inlet from DACS meets the challenges of modern poultry production by ensuring a perfect in-house climate - no matter time of year. The mixing between incoming air and room air is automatically changed to maintain the optimum temperature and speed on the air entering the house. This constant flow of oxygen-rich temperate air allows the birds to utilize their full ...

Upcoming Events

  • EuroTier - 2020

    EuroTier - 2020

    Exhibitors from all over the world to present their innovations for cattle, pig and poultry farming as well as in the fields of aquaculture, sheep and goat rearing and livery yards. In addition to the latest innovations, visitors will also find a wide range of special side events – our Technical Programme that provides plenty of opportunities to learn and share information at expert level. ...