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135w LED Grow Light - Ufo



135w LED Grow Light - 3 watt less. Hydroponics Ufo grow light. Low Powe! High Output! The perfect grow light and with out a doubt the future of indoor grow lights. a 135w led light has the same approx output as a 250w/400w hps or hid bulb.

Light is very important to plants as it is the source of their energy. Plants contain chlorophylls, that are the energy trapping molecules which use the blue(vegetative growth) and red(flowering) wavelenghs of the light spectrum. Green light is reflected which is why most plants appear green. These days LED grow lights are nearly 98% efficient for chlorophyll production. They also emit very little heat and can produce savings of upto 90% in running costs compared to HP Sodium type lighting. Nearly 100% of the light an LED grow light emits is completely absorbed by the plant. 135 Watt LED Grow Panel. Uses powerful high penetration 3W LED's. 12 Month UK WARRANTY. Red(660nm) / Red(630nm) / Blue(455nm) / Orange(610nm) / Yellow(585nm).This grow panel is designed to cover 0.36 sq. mt. (60cm x 60cm) at a distance of 15-45cm from the plant and up to 1.44 sq. mt. (120cm x 120cm) at a distance of 60cm from the plant. This product can be used in multiples for any grow area for outstanding yields. This unit has 6 bands (6 wavelengths of light) and uses ultra powerful 3W LED chips for the ultimate in penetration and light spectrum coverage for maximum possible results in a single low power consumption, low heat output package.

  • 45 x 3W LED's
  • 6 band (RED: 660, 630nm, BLUE: 455nm, Orange: 610nm, Yellow: 585nm, White 7000K)
  • Comaparable to 300-400w HPS/HID
  • No Ballast Required
  • Lifespan = 80'000 Hours
  • 3500 -3700 Lumens
  • 85-265 Volts
  • Total Weight: 2.7kg
  • Protected by styrofoam packing
  • Gloss White Finish
  • CE & ROHS Certified
  • Supllied with:
  • Hanging Kit
  • 1.8m IEC Power Lead with UK plug

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