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AC Garden Series Greenhouses are graceful curved eaves and glass, or elegant straight eaves with either glass or triple wall polycarbonate (with optional Victorian ridge cresting), make the AC Garden Series Greenhouses as esthetically charming as they are practical. The unique blend of from and strength-of-design, creates a wonderful growing environment able to meet and exceed any national greenhouse building code. Full-length ridge vents are standard in the AC Garden Series, and all overhead glass panes are special tempered safety glass. From private estate to the average urban backyard, the AC Garden Series Greenhouses allows the serious gardener to pursue that delightful interest in a beautiful environmental.

Standard Freestanding Widths:9' 13' 15' 17' 20' 25' 30' 
Standard Lean-To Widths:6' 8' 10' 12' 
Lengths Available:10' 4',12' 1/4',15 4-3/4',20' 5-1/2', 23' 10',28' 10-3/4',32' 3-1/4',37' 4',40' 8-1/2' 49' 1-3/4',54' 2-1/2',67' 8-1/2'.
AC Greenhouses Designed by experts for use in virtually any climate, the AC Garden Series Greenhouses has the strength and performance capability to satisfy the most demanding horticulturist. The wide range of series of the AC Garden Series Greenhouses makes owning a greenhouse affordable for the average homeowner. Quality is our prime concern, and each AC Garden Series Greenhouses begins with these features:
  • Aluminum glazing bars suspended on a galvanized steel substructure.
  • Tempered or double-strength glass throughout
  • Adjustable roof ventilators along the length of the greenhouse on each side of the ridge and vented aluminum storm door.
General Specifications
Structure: Exterior framing shall consist of 6063-T6 aluminum extrusion alloy, supported by a hot-dipped galvanized steel sub-structure. The steel structure shall consist of truss-style ribs on 8' 5-1/4' centers (6'9' for 25# wind loads). Framing sections between steel ribs shall consist of 5 vertical rows of glass on 20 1/4' centers (4 rows of 25# wind loads). Sidewalls posts shall attach to perimeter foundation 8' above floor grade, 8' thick (9' for 25' wind loads) to the depth required by local conditions and practice. (24' high walls or higher for snow zones and special applications may be used). All bolt screws, nuts and other fasteners used in the greenhouse shall be galvanized, stainless, plated or aluminum as required by manufacturer.
Design Load: AC Greenhouses can be tailored to meet any current building code for wind load and/or snow load. Stamped engineering calculations are available. Glazing:  All glass shall be 1/8' annealed or 1/8' tempered glass. Roof glass is shingled 1/2' to 3/4', vertical glass shall be supported and separated by special vinyl extrusions. All glass shall be held in place with specially designed stainless steel slips. Glazing compounds used in the bedding of glass shall be butyl glazing tape and modified acrylic and/or silicone caulking. Clear twinwall, insulated polycarbonate or fiberglass materials are available.
Ventilation: The greenhouse shall have a continuous ball and socket hinge along either side of the ridge to facilitate a single vent along each side for end to end. Vents shall be operated from a single point by a permanently lubricated worm gear driven chain vent machine, one on each side of the ridge that shall be manual or automatic (as specified) and integrated into the overall climate control system. (Side vents are available for special applications.
Doors: Doors and frame shall be extruded aluminum shapes for hanging 1 3/4' thick tubular aluminum doors (1-1/4' thick on smaller models). Doors shall be installed and prehung within 1 3/4' x 3' extruded aluminum framing at all openings to the size required.
Sill Plate: The sill plate shall be extruded aluminum shape approximately 2-2/4' x 2' permitting lateral security and sufficient adjustment to accommodate minor foundation irregularities.
Aluminum glazing bars suspended on a galvanized Steel: The hot dipped galvanized steel frame is to be 3 x 4.1 channel (4 x 5.4 side posts for AC2500 series; W x6x9 I-beams for Fixed Frame series, extending from foundation to ridge and opposite foundation without interior supports. Welded 3/8' base plates to be secured to foundation with two anchor bolts each of the size specified on drawings.
Purlins: The purlins shall be an extruded aluminum shape specifically designed for greenhouse use, weighing 0.912 Lbs. per foot. Glazing Bars: The glazing bars are an extruded shape weighing approx. .03 Lbs. per foot measuring - 1 1/8' x 1 1/4', designed to receive stainless steel glazing clips.
Modifications: Adjustments to standard models are available upon consultation. Erection: The erection and glazing of the greenhouse and setting of climate control equipment shall be as specified in the contract. Delivery and installation of your greenhouse is available nationwide by our skilled and professional factory installation team. Call for quotation.
The AC-900 is our smallest freestanding AC Garden Series Greenhouses, but its every bit as big in features as the largest. Perfect for smaller yards, the AC-900 has plenty of space for two benches to give the active gardener ample puttering room. 
Sturdy construction takes hanging plants in stride and ensures years of successful gardening projects.
The Hobby has an all-aluminum frame, is available with glass or polycarbonate covering, and features two attached benches, and an all-electric ventilation system.

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