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Running Gear, the family owned agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo, has extended its range of spreading tanks with the introduction of the LCG Slurry Tanker range. With over 50 years' experience in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, the company operates from a purpose-built factory which boasts the latest in cutting, bending, welding and spraying technology.

The latest addition to their slurry tank range boasts a patented technology which significantly reduces the possibility of the tank overturning on an inclined slope or in adverse weather conditions. The new development is achieved by running an axle through an axle housing which in turn runs through the tank, rather than underneath the tank. The main advantage of this is that the centre of gravity of the tanker is lowered significantly and the tanker is more stable when cornering and when traversing inclined surfaces.

  • Lowered centre of gravity providing greater stability and safety
  • Rugged construction - 6mm high quality steel with high pressure dished ends
  • Capacities of 2000, 2400, 2600 gallons
  • 200 x 200mm heavy duty drawbar
  • Braked 10 stud hubs on heavy duty commercial axle
  • 10000 litre vacuum pump
  • Floating ball top trap to prevent contamination of the pump
  • Hydraulic opening of the rear gate valve and spring closing
  • Auxiliary filling points at rear and front
  • Full lighting kit
  • Hydraulic brakes, 6' filler and discharge points and 15ft 6' of suction hose
  • An anti-corrosive primer and two coats of paint are applied to all tanks to ensure a quality long-lasting finish.
  • Water cyclone trap
  • Adjustable hitch
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Oversize tyres 30.5 R32

  • Additional filling points
  • Tankers can be galvanised
  • Hinged back door
  • Washdown hose assembly with couplings
  • Garda 8000 / 10000 / 12000 litre pump with raingun
  • High speed running gear
  • Hydraulic top fill complete with access ladder
  • Hydraulic changeover on vacuum pump
  • Hydraulic spinner units for control and management of water applications
  • Stone trap
  • Air brakes and air/hydraulic brakes
  • 6' Auto coupler with hydraulic changeover
  • Sprung drawbar

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