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The space and facility needs of farmers, cattlemen, and ranchers vary as the products that they produce. As an industry leader in steel buildings, General Steel can provide an agricultural building for virtually any need or application. An ever-increasing percentage of the buildings on farms or ranches are being constructed with steel. The quality of the steel provided for these buildings varies from company to company. General Steel uses only durable, high quality steel in all of our buildings. General Steel buildings are ideal for barns, farm, or ranch structures as they feature column-free designs and provide a variety of flexible floor plans that can accommodate any number of layouts. Not only will our steel buildings provide adequate shelter for your livestock, General Steel buildings are adaptable to include space for riding arenas along with feed, crop, and equipment storage.

Affordable Customization
A variety doors can also be added in various styles and sizes to add to ease of access and the versatility of your steel building. Unique features and layouts are available and fit into the strictest of budgets. Steel buildings from General Steel are designed to easily accommodate custom features without the expense of conventional construction and General Steel can do it for a fraction of more traditional building costs.

General Steel Agricultural Buildings
Steel buildings from General Steel can be designed for later expansion or to work with any existing structures already in place. As your need for space grows your steel building from General Steel can grow right along with it. General Steel buildings are designed with expansion in mind so you can continue to provide for your needs in the years to come, and do it affordably. With a steel building from General Steel precious resources like livestock and equipment aren’t just stored, they’re protected. General Steel’s buildings are produced using only high-quality steel that adheres to the industry’s most stringent technical specifications for strength and durability.

General Steel’s agricultural buildings resist the elements while protecting your investment now and for the future. The maintenance of barns, workshops, and other facilities should require a minimum of upkeep. A steel building from General Steel goes up fast and is virtually maintenance-free, relieving concerns of costly repairs and maintenance. General steel agricultural buildings are engineered to meet your requirements for size and local building codes. All buildings are engineer-certified for your particular area and designed to handle weather conditions specific to your location. We encourage you to call and to discuss the other advantages of a steel agricultural building from General Steel. A helpful and experienced representative will be happy to answer your questions and help design a structure that will give you years of affordable service.

Agricultural Building Advantages
Purchasing a new agricultural building is an important decision and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Thousands of people and organizations throughout the world have made General Steel Buildings their choice. If you want a premium quality structure, from a company you can trust, look no further than the advantages a General Steel agricultural building provides.

Steel Agricultural Buildings Are Your Best Choice
As a farmer or a rancher your livelihood and income depends on your crops, livestock, and equipment. How you store and shelter these precious investments will probably be one of the most important building and business decisions you will ever make.

Fire Resistance:
A serious threat to conventional wooden agricultural structures is fire. If you own a wooden structure, you are probably well aware of the inherent danger and damage that fires can cause. Unlike pole barns and other wooden structures, General Steel prefabricated agricultural buildings are fire-resistant thus minimizing potential loss of your building. We also advise you to check with your insurance agent to discuss the insurance premium savings of an all-steel building.

Steel is renowned as one the strongest, most durable building materials available. It is resistant to water, mold, mildew, termites, and other wood-destroying pests. Termites account for a significant degree of agricultural property damage in the United States each year. When you invest in a new structure you should have peace of mind in the longevity of the building, so the fact that General Steel buildings require less long-term repair and maintenance issues than more conventional structures is a significant advantage.

When you purchase a new metal building for your farm or ranch you are investing in safety and security for your equipment, livestock, and crops. General Steel has become one of the leaders in the steel building industry by providing strong and durable buildings to farmers and ranchers worldwide. General Steel utilizes high quality steel to produce all of its buildings, providing straight wall configuration, tight connections and increased durability. Your steel agricultural or General Steel barn building will be pre-engineered to comply with your local building codes and designed to resist the elements specific to your area.

All General Steel agricultural buildings can be fitted with attractive add-ons such as decorative brick, wood, stucco, or stone panels. These and many other quality component options add to the aesthetic appeal of your new steel building, and can help your building blend in with any existing structures you may have.

A pre-engineered agricultural building designed by General Steel provides for fast and easy construction. All of General Steel’s buildings are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory and are designed for fast and simple erection. Many of the smaller building models can be erected without a contractor. When comparing similar structures a new steel building from General Steel can save you time and money in construction and building costs.

  • Brand: General Steel
  • Available Products: C-Channel Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting, I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting
  • I-Beam Structural Warranty: 50 Years
  • Add Colors: Roof, Trim, Walls
  • Paint Warranty: 40 Years
  • Galvalume Roof Warranty: 25 Years
  • Standing Seam Roof Warranty: 20 Years
  • Project Coordinator: Included At No Additional Cost

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