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Our store conveyor range can offer all the reliability, flexibility and tailoring that you would expect from Perry of Oakley Ltd. All of our chain and flight conveyors are capable of handling a variety of granular products from sawdust to feed pellets. The Agricultural conveyors are capable of handling grains and peas and beans as standard, but with a few simple modifications can be tailored to handle other products such as seeds or minerals.

  • Heavy duty specification. 3mm thick base and 2mm thick sides (thicker options available).
  • Perry heavy duty roller chain with deep plastic flights, ideal for handling cereals, pulses and granular products. This also means there is no metal to metal contact.
  • A reliable 90 degree direct drive gear unit as standard. Vee belt drive to shaft mounted gear box as an option. 
  • Durable galvanised steel construction.
  • Horizontal, curved, inclined and flow & return conveyors available. Inclined and curved conveyor options up to 45° as standard, 90° as an option. 
  • Dimple style joints for high mechanical strength and good alignment of of sections.
  • 3 piece trough construction allows base to be thicker than the sides providing a longer life.
  • Deep flights mean most conveyors are suitable for inclined applications. 
  • These conveyors are supplied as standard in modular lengths with loose inlets and outlets to allow for faster delivery.
  • Variety of inlets & accessories.
  • With the use of a cable span brace and conveyor can span 12m unsupported. 
  • Brush gear available to reduce carry over.
  • Pneumatic or motorised outlet options.
  • Mechanical reception pits can be fitted to all horizontal/inclined combinations.
  • Cleaning flights available for seed handling applications.
  • Cup flights available to handle carry over when end outlets have slides fitted. 

Chain & flight conveyors, in their simplest form, operate by dragging a product along the base of an enclosed trough with a flighted chain, which revolves around a free running tail sprocket and a driven sprocket.
Product enters the conveyor through an inlet usually at the tail and usually exits through an adaptor at the drive end.

There are many variations to the basic machine, some conveyors are designed to be able to run in reverse pushing the product as well as dragging it, some convey along a high tray instead of the base of the trough and some have no base at all, to evenly fill grain stores. Others work on a flow and return principle where product enters the top of the conveyor at any point along its length, is moved by the chain along a high tray until it goes around the tail end shaft and is carried along the base. This method is particularly useful when feeding a line of silos or driers from a single feed.

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