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Agricultural Chemicals

In a world where pests destroy up to one-half of total crop production, producing enough food to feed an ever- growing population has become a major international challenge. The role of the AgriTechno Division of Otsuka Chemical is to develop, produce, and market a range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and plant regulators for crop protection, as well as a wide selection of fertilizers for use in agriculture and soilless culture for crop production. Otsuka's agricultural chemicals are used in Japan and in many countries around the world. Important proprietary products include the insecticide- nematicide Oncol® (Benfuracarb) which is used on many crops in over 60 countries around the world, the insecticide Orion® (Alanycarb) and Hachi- Hachi TM (Tolfenpyrad) for fruit trees and vegetables, the fungicide Alshine™ (Oxpoconazole) and some other novel compounds in the pipeline. Oncol mixtures for the rice market such as Oryzamate/ Oncol™ and Judge™, the rice herbicides Shocker™, Gosign™ and Sheriff™, the insecticide Oleate™ and the plant regulator Contact™ are some essential products in our portfolio for the Japanese market.

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