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DiaZone disinfection technology has many applications in agriculture including dairy farming, milk processing, intensive poultry rearing, meat processing plants, cold stores and even horticulture. Ozone is a powerful, fast acting and effective disinfectant that can be employed as an aqueous solution or as a saturating fog. Ozone in solution reverts to oxygen leaving no chemical residues behind after treatment.

DiaZone ozone-water (OW) disinfection systems have many applications in agriculture, some of these are described below:

Cow Sheds, Dairies and Cheese Makers:

  • Controlled OW fogging systems for cow sheds to reduce airborne infections
  • Saturation OW fogging to disinfect empty cow sheds
  • OW washing and sanitising systems for milk cooling tanks
  • OW washing and sanitising systems for milk transporters
  • OW Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems for sanitising process tanks and pipelines
  • OW sanitising systems for cheese making equipment
  • OW fogging systems for cheese stores to prevent mite and mould damage

Poultry Sheds and Meat Processing:

  • Controlled OW fogging to reduce and eliminate odours - including ammonia
  • Controlled OW fogging to reduce levels of airborne bacteria and infection
  • Controlled OW fogging to significantly improve hygiene during bird growth
  • Saturation OW fogging to sanitise and disinfect empty bird sheds
  • OW washing and drenching to control levels of pathogenic bacteria in dead birds
  • OW saturation fogging to disinfect meat and reduce spoilage

Refrigerated Cold Stores:

  • Controlled OW fogging systems to maintain disinfection in cold stores

Horticulture and Produce:

  • Controlled, intermittent OW fogging to reduce damage caused by plant pathogens of all types
  • OW washing and fogging systems to disinfect produce, improve quality and extend shelf life

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