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AgriGate Dairy project is dedicated to a complete Dairy Farm solution that combines expertise in all aspects required from raising the crops to design, construction, herd importation, team building and management by results.

  • Providing a cost effective, vertically integrated facility:
    • Advanced technologies based on the most advanced computerized solutions.
    • Agriculture of rough feed (silage and alfalfa) and optionally grains.
    • Modern energy efficient feed center
    • Modern industrial dairy farm with top-of-the-line milking parlor.
    • Optional co-located dairy processing plant can be added.
    • Environmentally friendly Bio-Gas facility for electricity, heat, irrigation & fertilization, bedding and compost.

 AgriGate Dairy project concerns the setup of a dairy processing plant from high quality milk. The project includes the construction of the building and the necessary equipment for liquid milk products, yogurts and hard cheeses. The system will produce Milk Products using a wide range of highest standard equipment, The system’s flexibility allows for production of Pasteurized and ESL milk with several fat contents, Natural and flavored stirred Yogurt, Fermented milk products and Sour Cream. The quantities given can be changed according to the customer's needs depending on the quantity and composition of the available raw milk and its fat content. The Steel construction is a combination of computerized machine production, using laser cutting and hot galvanization as per the operational needs.  Walls are al panels with insulation.  Finishing is divided to anti corrosive concrete with coating, office finishing and standard concrete for storage.

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