Agrose Agricultural Machinery

Agrose Agricultural Machinery

- Mounted Type Turbo Atomizer



The working efficiency is high and can be easily adjusted. Polyethylene Tank. The water filter which can be easily cleaned. Hydraulic mixing system. The regulator adjusting pressure of medicating. In this way, the medication is carried out according to desired flow(litter/min). The tank filler in the machine, fills the medicating tank in a very short time under 30 bar. pressure. The adjustable angle propeller made in Turkey or high pressure air flow propeller made in Italy are used. The opportunity of connecting to tractor by using three points system in mounted type machines. The opportunity of connecting to tractor in trailed type machines. The nozzle of the turbo atomizer can be rotated around its axis in order to adjust short and long distances. The material of the fan. hub and wings are produced by using rigid plastic. The turbo group is actuated by strap pulley system with three grooves , which is connected to pump output shaft.

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