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Airfoss is a complete solution for the collection of dead fish. We offer 2 different collection systems, the S-system which is a specially designed heavy duty system for collection of dead fish from large, deep net cages and a more traditional A-system for collection of dead fish from net cages with small to medium sized nets.

Airfoss creates a healthier environment in sea cages and ensures fast, easy and safe removal of dead fish. It reduces risk of net attacks from predators like seals and sharks and is easy to install and uninstall, without divers and with fish still in the nets.

Airfoss systems are flexible and can be adapted to fit farm infrastructure, cage nets and local current conditions. All components are produced in thick heavy duty polyethylene plastic plates which are laser cut and then hand-welded by our experienced staff.

Airfoss has been tested under extreme conditions at some of the most demanding and exposed fish farms in Norway. The individual components have a wide range of features which are either offered as standard or can be supplied as an option.

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