- Heavy Constructed Sturdy Trailer



Heavy constructed sturdy trailer with hot-dip galvanized process to prevent corrosion for a long period of time. Adaptable body on AKRON chassis or truck. (Ask your dealer about truck feature availability). Maximum load: 20 to 30. Cargo volumen without compression: 35 to 40 cubir meter.
Cargo volumen with compression: up to 60% higher (depending on grass silage type and conditions). Horse power requirement: 140 to 160
Sliding Tandem or Tridem axles. Tandem axle has one fixed axle and one steerable axle. Tridem axle has front and rear steerable axles and a fixed center axle. Both versions can lock the steerable axles for backing up the unit. Tires: 600/50-22,5. Leaf spring suspension. Brake System (Optional). Side panel Height: 6 9/16 feet (left and right side). Foldable 500 mm panel (Optional).

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