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- Model TH 401 DS, TH 401 DN, TH 431 DN, TH 601 DN - Tedder



FELLA has specially developed three very light yet robust hay tedders for alpine terrain. Maximum safety is still ensured even on extreme slopes thanks to the low centre of gravity and the compact transport position. As with all FELLA hay tedders, the forage is picked up by the tines and turned gently without suffering damage. A light, loose and well-mixed layer of forage is created, all of top quality. The edge spreading device which is fitted as standard (TH 401 DN, TH 431 DN and TH 601 DN) helps you to avoid any loss of forage even under the most difficult of harvesting conditions or when working in hillside lines. Using the spreading angle adjustment system, it is possible to adjust the rotor pitch to three different positions. This provides you with the advantage of being able to optimally adjust yourself to the most varied of harvesting conditions.

Through the patented traction compression system, the weight of the machine is transferred onto the lower links. The towing point between hay tedder and tractor is then positioned very low. As a result, no bending moment is produced and there is no wear on the three-point headstock. When lifting the machine at the headland, the hay tedder is automatically centralised, which provides safe and stable driving behaviour. When back at work, the system again ensures optimum ground contour following and excellent trailing behaviour of the hay tedder. Even when travelling downhill, the machine does not run into the back of the tractor. The tines are reliably prevented from piercing the ground, thereby sparing your sward from mechanical damage. Forage contamination is kept to a minimum, providing top-quality forage thanks to the FELLA patent.

The TH 401 DN, TH 431 DN and TH 601 DN models are equipped with an integrated, adjustable swing brake. The brake reliably prevents the hay tedder from generating a rocking motion where there are heavy deposits of forage or the tractor and machine are travelling at relatively high speeds.
The rotors are easily folded in and out hydraulically in a synchronised operation directly from the tractor seat. Thanks to this synchronised lifting facility, safe operation is also possible when working on hillsides.

At a glance:
  • Specially developed for alpine terrain

  • Locking mechanism in the three-point headstock (on TH 401 DN, TH 601 DN)

  • Short attachment to the tractor

  • Synchronised lifting of the rotors

  • Edge spreading device as standard

  • Super C tines

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