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Aluminum irrigation pipe is efficient, long lasting, ideal for Gated Irrigation Pipe by Hastings Irrigation Company for agricultural and industrial needsreplacing open ditches and siphon tubes. It is available in diameters of 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 inches in 30 foot lengths. Other lengths are available. Space between furrows: 20, 30, 36, 40 inches, or per your specifications.


  • MALE END: The male end is triple reinforced by rolling the aluminum back within itself. This gives an extra measure of protection against damage and an out-of-round condition that can lead to leaks. The end is also slightly taped, making it easier to start into the coupler.
  • COUPLING: Hastings' thick walled cast aluminum coupler can be used on high or low pressure systems. When used on low pressure gated systems without the lock ring and plate, the deep-throated, bell shaped design permits telescoping for adjustment to row spacing, and allow as much as 10 ° turn rise or drop. The neoprene gasket has a square back which fits firmly into a deep gasket groove, and a feather edge to insure against leaks at low pressure.
  • LOCK PLATE (optional): Made of high strength cast aluminum to stand pressure of the main line and at pressure points such as elbows and Tee-connections.
  • LOCK RING (optional): The high strength cast aluminum rings are spring loaded to ensure that they stay in place and keep the connections together under intermediate pressures.
  • OPTIONAL FITTINGS: elbows, reducers, end tee-connections, line tee-connections, end plugs and other standard and customized fittings are available.

How to Select the Proper Pipe Size


The amount of loss in any given systWater flowing in pipes is always accompanied by a loss of pressure due to friction.em is due to the smoothness of the inside walls of the pipe, the diameter of the pipe and the velocity of the water flow.

Friction loss is important in the design of irrigation systems because it has direct influence on operating costs - the more friction loss in a system, the more horse-power needed to pump a given volume of water. In other words, smaller pipe means greater fuel consumption and a higher priced power unit.

Velocity of water flow in a pipe line determines to a great extent the friction loss in that line. In an ideal situation, velocities should stay around five (5) feet per second and should never exceed eight (8) feet per second. At high velocities gated pipe systems do not deliver water from the gates properly, gate adjustment is more difficult, and in some cases water will not flow from a gate at all.

The 2nd column of numbers in the above chart should read 'Water flow in gallons per minute' not 'per second'

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