- Fluid Azotic Organic Fertilizer



AMMINOACIDI brings organic nitrogen. It stimulates the growth of the plants. It induces a thickening of the dimension. It improves the assimilation of fertilizers associated to it. It regenerates the bacteric flora. It gives a more intense foliar colouration. ADMITTED IN BIOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE . According to schedule 1 of appendix 13 of the Legislative Decree 217/2006

Organic Nitrogen (N) 8,50% w/w
Soluble Organic Nitrogen(N) 8,50% w/w
Organic Carbon (C) 29,0% w/w

Useful notes
Protect from temperatures approaching 0°C or exceeding 50°C
Before its use, it is suggested to make a test on a part of the crop.
It is suggested to make the foliar interventions during the fresher hours of the morning or at the end of the day.
Do not stack product more than two containers high.
In case of spillage of the content use suitable absorbent material.

Arboreal and fruit crops:15 20Kg/Ha
Vegetable crops:10 15 Kg/Ha
Flowers and ornamental plants:8 10 Kg/Ha

  • In clay soils you must administer the minimum doses.

Foliar application
Arboreal and fruit crops:

  • 250 350 Gr/Hl (alone)
  • 200 250 Gr/Hl (with other fertilizers)

Vegetable crops:

  • 200 300 Gr/Hl (alone)
  • 150 200 Gr/Hl (with other fertilizers)

Flowers and ornamental plants:

  • 150 200 Gr/Hl (alone)
  • 100 150 Gr/Hl (with other fertilizers)

  • Do not associate to Copper and Sulphur. Agitate before its use.

Kg 1 Kg 6 Kg 12 Kg 30 Kg 250 Kg 1200

Arboreal and fruit crops:20 - 30 Kg/Ha
Vegetable crops:10 - 20 Kg/Ha
Flowers and ornamental plants:10 - 20 Kg/Ha

Cultures arborescentes et fruitières:150 - 200 Gr/Hl
Cultures maraîchères: 100 - 200 Gr/Hl
Fleurs et plantes ornamentales:100 - 150 Gr/Hl

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