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Formulation Type : EC. Composition % : Cypermethrin 5% Tetramethrin 2,5% Piperonyl butoxide 12,5%. Usage Rates: Flying: 0.2% - 1%, Crawling: 1% - 2%.

AMPLAT is formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate, containing petroleum solvents. It is easily emulsified in water.

Product properties
The specific ratio of cypermethrin and tetramethrin in the product formula allows the professional pest controller to solve most pest-control problems rapidly and effectively. The stability of cypermethrin to light and the ability of tetramethrin to paralyse insects allow interventions:

  1. outdoors: to control insect pests in specific areas (such as flies in dung-pits and farms; ticks in farms etc.) to reduce the population of insect pests moving through residential areas, tourist resorts etc.
  2. inside buildings: to control insect pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders by taking advantage of the flushing properties of the product and by scheduling interventions at medium and long term to tackle sudden infestations of fleas, bedbugs, wasps etc.

The insecticidal activity of AMPIAT persists for a few weeks (4-6) indoors and it is influenced by the type and frequency of cleaning operations and by temperature changes. Outdoors the persistence on wall surfaces exposed to weather is approximately 15-20 days whereas space treatments on wide areas have a persistence of 8-14 days depending on rainfalls and sunshine.

Main insect pests that can be controlled
AMPLAT is effective against all insect pests that may be a vector of microorganisms pathogenic to people and pets. In particular, the synergy between cypermethrin and tetramethrin allows the control of both flying and crawling insects, even resistant ones. The product also gives a flushing effect therefore it is also effective on insects that hide in cracks and crevices.

Usage rates and directions for use
AMPLAT can be used at rates going from 0.2% to 2% (20 to 200 ml product in 10 litres water). However, as with any insecticide, usage rates are connected to the type of insect pest to be controlled, to the environment to be treated, to the presence or absence of people, animals, vegetation, to temperature, humidity, wind speed.

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