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The AMS Brown Moisture Probe is a modified tile probe used primarily by agricultureal scientists and farmers to survey soil to depths of about 3-ft for the purpose of determining the depth of soil moisture storage following irrigation. The probe offers visual confirmation of soil moisture conditions, and this data is used to help determine crop yield goals, planting decisions, irrigation water and fertilizer application rates.

The brown moisture soil probe has a modified auger tip and depth markings a 1', 2', and 3' from the tip. The probe is pushed into the soil vertically by hand. It will easily penetrate saturated soils, but not dry soils. The resistance rises as soil moisture content falls. At the end of the push the soil moisture probe is withdrawn. A small soil sample will be trapped in the modified auger flights for visual confirmation of the soil's moisture condition. The probe is made from carbon steel and is 43' long with a built-in 10' comfortably gripped cross handle.

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