T.C. v.d. Dool B.V.

Animal Housings

T.C. v.d. Dool has over 30 years of experience in raising the height of and renovating animal housings. In that time we have increased the height of a lot of roofs of housings for cattle, poultry and pigs with excellent results: more light, air and, space and healthier livestock. And - very important for the poultry sector- we also provide additional space for the fitting of an intermediate floor. You really do not need to build an entirely new housing to achieve the extra space. However, it does require specialist knowledge, something which a specialist such as T.C. v.d.

  • increasing the height of roofs
  • supply and assembly of:
    • wall and roof panels
    • intermediate floor
  • replacing asbestos roofs using insulated or non-insulated roof panels
  • replacing walls using insulated or non-insulated wall panels
  • adjusting steel structures

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