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The ANNABURGER silage trailers are the specialists when it comes to transporting grass and maize silage. The vehicle frame and body form a single welded structure. The trapezoidal sheet metal side walls with a strong profile are lighter than steel sheet walls and ensure a high level of stability. This means that they have a low weight relative to the payload. The large container volumes in all performance classes guarantee a huge daily output.

As a powerful and cost-effective silage trailer.

  • The mechanical scraper floor drive discharges its load in under a minute (optional).
  • The container volumes guarantee a huge output.

As a large-volume feed distribution vehicle and for feeding biogas plants.

  • To feed biogas plants laterally, discharge quantities of up to 10.0 m³ per minute can be achieved with a powerful cross belt conveyor.
  • A cross belt conveyor can be installed quickly and easily via the interface of the plate spreader.
  • Throwing distances of up to 3.0 m can be covered thanks to the hydraulic drive.
  • The conveying capacity between the scraper floor and belt conveyor has been designed for optimum performance.


A sturdy ladder frame with closely positioned crossbars makes the box structure particularly stable. The two or three double-stranded round steel chains and the welded-on U-shaped couplers ensure that the product is transported smoothly. The steel sheet or laminated plate floor has a low frictional resistance, is extremely wear-resistant and is designed for high point loads. The hydraulically driven scraper floor is reversible and infinitely adjustable.

A hydraulically folding front wall is available as an optional extra for loading the chaff cutter in the direction of travel. Another equipment variant is the distributing device for consistent crop discharge on the overrun silo (optional). The distributing device is part of the rear door (rollers, bearings, gear box, drive chains installed).

  • Permissible total weight 20.0 t/21.0 t
  • Volume 41 m³
  • Box dimensions 7.9 x 2.3 x 2.2
  • Scraper floor unloading time 80 s
  • PTO shaft speed 1000 rpm
  • Chassis Tandem chassis

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