Apache Technologies, Inc.

Apache Technologies, Inc.

- Versatile Laser Receiver for Machine and Grade Rod Mounting



Our HAWKEYE is a laser grade control tool that you can put to work immediately ... mounted to your machine or to your grade rod. Large 13 cm vertical reception height for quick beam capture. 240º angular reception for increased beam pick-up. Adjustable accuracy to meet jobsite requirements. Rugged Lexan housing stands up to the harshest construction environments. Flashing LEDs give highly visible elevation information: Green is on-grade, red is below or above grade. Large LCD indicates grade information and battery status. Additional features include adjustable volume control, heavy-duty rod clamp, automatic shut-off.

HAWKEYE is ideal for general purpose elevation control around the jobsite, in particular to check excavation or machine grading elevation. The LCD indicates high, low, or on-grade as well as battery and beeper volume status.

Ideal for backhoes, small excavators, dozers, skid steers, and box blades: Hawkeye can quickly and securely be mounted to equipment with its two built-in powerful magnets - without welding. Hawkeye has a symmetrical design, and can be installed on the left or right side of the dipper stick of an excavator. Bright flashing LED grade indication lights are easy to see from the machine.

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