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- Model 7-20-4 - Premium Irrigation Fertilizer



Aqua-Tech 7-20-4 is a new and improved nutritional product with compatibility agents for use in all types of irrigation systems (surface, subsurface, pivot, sprinkler, etc.). Water is becoming more limited for production agriculture each day and the need to incorporate fertilizer into water (fertigation) will provide the most efficient use of available resources. Aqua-Tech 7-20-4 allows for this.

Aqua-Tech technology is a polyamine acid-based compatibility agent which protects phosphate molecules from combining with elements (i.e. calcium, magnesium, etc.) contained in hard water sources, thus preventing the formation of insoluble, scale forming precipitates. One hundred percent (100%) of the contained phosphate is present in the orthophosphate form which is immediately available for plant absorption and incorporation into metabolic processes. Additionally, one hundred percent(100%) of the contained potassium is derived from Bio-K technology which has organic acid origins, resulting in highly efficient and very soluble potassium source.

Aqua-Tech 7-20-4 is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials on the market today, allowing for continued and safe use in irrigation systems as a more efficient use of available plant nutrients. Aqua-Tech 7-20-4 is well adapted to all cropping and management systems (not limited to drip irrigation) which require nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, including but not limited to row crops, vegetables, fruit, tree, and turf/ornamentals.

Aqua-Tech 7-20-4 fertilizer is supplied in a ready to use liquid form, making its application by fertigation systems and spray equipment convenient and easy. It can easily be injected into drip irrigation systems via injection points directly from storage containers (totes, tanks, etc.). Applications of Aqua-Tech 7-20-4 has the advantage of allowing producers to add necessary nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium through irrigation systems when:

  1. Tissue analysis indicates a N, P, or K shortage
  2. Large fruit or grain load is expected
  3. Deficiency symptoms of N, P, or K appear 

Fertigation Rates*:
Rates will vary based on crop, nutrient demand, and environment, with seasonal totals ranging from 1 to 20 gallons per acre. 1 to 5 gallons per acre per application at 1 to 4 times during the season is common, with the highest demand occurring early in vegetative growth and/or during grain or fruit fill. Do not apply with UAN solutions as insoluble precipitates will form. Flush system with water and/or acid prior to and following application. 

Foliar Feeding General Guidelines*: 

1-3 gallons per acre. Foliar apply at 3rd-5th leaf collar. 

Vegetable Crops:
Use 1-2 gallons per acre with 8-10 gallons of water every 7-10 days on vegetable crops starting 10-15 days after transplant or at 2”-5” tall on seeded crops. 

1-3 gallons per acre. Foliar apply at the 4th-6th trifoliate, and then 80-85% podset. 

Small Grains (including Cereals), Dry Beans, Sugar Beets and other Row Crops:
1-3 gallons per acre foliar. 

Fruit Trees:
Use 1 gallon with 8-10 gallons of water starting at bud swell in the spring and continue as needed.

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