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Aquaculture Netting and Accessories

Haverford supplies a range of products to the aquaculture / fish farming industry. Through our website you will find a range of netting, twine, rope, floats and sinkers that are used extensively throughout Australian Aquaculture farms. Our experienced staff can assist you in designing a aquaculture netting system to suit your needs.

  • Soft Nylon Knotless Netting - Local and overseas farmers are using the finest filament Knotless netting material. Knotless nets are considered the best choice for aquaculture as it is stronger than traditional knotted material and causes less damage to the fish. Haverford stock knotless netting in a range of ply's, mesh sizes, lengths and colours.
  • Sealion Netting - (pictured in white) - New technology helps prevent algae / fungus build up on netting. Please call us for more information on this new exciting product!

  • Bird Netting - available in white and black, UV treated.
  • A wide range twines available for net mending and net hanging.

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