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A step forward after the overview, get deep and practice SmartWaterAccess the relevant course where you can install a DEMO of SmartWater and know the entire functionality. Save time and money in the implementation and product training (all of them are gaming courses and have video tutorials available, but only the advanced ones have auto-installable demo).

  • International standards

    Design based on three key components:

    • An In-depth knowledge of the aquaculture business and production processes embedded in the application, where professionals and industry leaders have participated contributing their knowledge.
    • The incorporation of best practices from other industrial sectors and long-haul ERP market solutions.
    • Eliminate obsolescence risk by using existing technology from leader Microsoft and likely considering scalability of the system developed in ‘n’ layered methodology DDD – Domain Driven Design, allowing each layer to evolve independently without being committed to any of them, and being adapted to any other technology or technology release.

    These international standars allow SmartWater to be implemented at any part of the world.

  • Software as a Service

    This service model SaaS (Software as a Service) has the following advantages over a traditional model of purchased licenses (On-Premise, in-house):

    • Reduced costs: no need to deal with software and hardware acquisition, less investment and less risk.
    • Reducing maintenance and support costs: no need dedication of in-house technological specialists by the company, being the direct contact with the company providing the service, in this case SmartWater, who assumes that work, everything is included in the fee.
    • Continuous updating of the software at no additional cost to the company, or the acquisition of the latest version, or the efforts to change of version. SmartWater, automatically and immediately will be making available to customers its new features and latest versions.
    • Reducing hosting costs, additional computing efforts and in-house staff to manage the new software.
    • The company put the focus on its core-business.
    • The contracts are renewed annually, paying a monthly fee and eliminating financial and captive risks of long-term use of software.
    • Demand service provider, in this case SmartWater, which requires its own model itself excellent service as the cornerstone of his administration.
  • Multiilingual

    Languages: Spanish and English.

    Ready to add new languages.

  • Multiespecies

    Management of any species, both marine and inland, applying their own proposed models by each manufacturer.

  • Multi-organizational

    Multi-company and multi-organizational structure.

    Adapted to incorporate from major corporations to small companys.

    Service model adapted to any size, using full functionality.

  • Functionality

    SmartWater provides maximum coverage of the entire life cycle of the product specific to aquaculture, from hatchery (Incubation, Larval, Weaning, Nursery, Pregrowth, Caging) to the growth and harvest, and those ancillary production processes that support it, such as Broodstock or Live Food.

    Additionally, it covers those daily management processes that take place within the normal fish-farm activity and its integration with other processes and systems such as warehousimg, health management, human resources, finance and controlling, quality system, maintenance, measurement, processing and sales).


Eliminación de riesgo de obsolescencia tecnlógica. Desarrollo en Domain Dricven Design por capas, que permiten sustituir una capa por otra fácilmente sin tener que modificar la instalación completa.

Credenciales de desarrollo Microsoft, Windows Azure, WPF, .NET

Elimination of technological obsolescence risk. Domain Driven Design Development in layers, allowing a layer replace another easily without having to change the entire system.
Microsoft development credentials, Windows Azure, WPF, .NET

SmartWater is enodorsed by MICROSOFT through its Microsoft BizSpark advanced program

  • Batches

    Planning and create batches, campaigns, application of models and protocols, transfers and tracking.

    Traceability throughout the entire product life cycle and identification of activities undertaken.

    Aid to the harvest decision making through the costs and marginal benefits per bacth.

  • Models

    Application of models by batch and tank, implementation of producers own models, application of experimental or alternative models by date, ability to export to Excel and importing models.

    Growth models, feeding, conversion rates, mortality, temperature, and ad-hoc models involved in the evolution of the batch.

  • Protocols

    Programming of activities (production orders) to be performed over the batch, according to their average weight, age or calendar and frequency.

    Integration with quality systems.

  • Broodstock

    Broodstock management as an auxiliary process, identification, master data and parental relationship between individuals.

  • Live food

    Production cycles, artemia, rotifers, algae

  • Workstations (tanks, cages,...)

    Master Data workstations (tanks, cages, cisterns, ….), bills of materials (BOM – bill of materials) and roadmaps (check list) associated to production orders

  • Production Orders

    Management of activities by type (production orders) associated with batch and workstation, locking orders, parts of activity and closure orders.

  • Material consumption

    Control and monitoring of consumption of material per batch and workstation.

  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

    Generating working orders generator by type of activity taking into account protocols and parameterized models.

    Scheduled and programmed scenario launched at the time of execution.

  • Materials

    Master data by type of material (fish, feed, chemicals, finished product and different presentations …)

  • Warehousing

    Master data of warehouses and locations by production center, stock management (inputs, outputs, transfers), inventory control, order point, provisioning time, storage conditions, expiry dates …

  • Purchasing

    Identifying procurement units per organization, requisitions management, supplier management, identification of certified suppliers (according to required standards).

Preventive programming

Vaccinations through protocols management and other actions

Cases and recipes

Case management, samples and control of losts, deliveries to laboratory control, receptions, diagnostic and application of recipes

  • Direct records

    Counts, Losts, Feeding, Classification, Physiology, Environment, Treatments

  • Indirect records

    Cleaning and disinfection, Microbiology, Samples, Nets

  • Health records

    Cases, Recipes and Prescriptions

  • Users and roles

    Performance permits management in SmartWater by registered user.

  • Employees

    Employee management, basic data, associated production center, work center calendar

  • Audit log

    Transactional record of actions on SmartWater

Standar reports

Traceability, occupation, employees, batches, inventory, …

Customized reports

Ad-hoc reports.

About SmartWater Fish Farming Production Software

SmartWater is our high-end Software product designed to manage all aspects of aquaculture production
  • Traceability throughout the product life cycle (spawning, hatching, weaning, nursery, pre-fattening, farming, processing and packaging)

  • Batches, Models and Protocols, Transfers, Batch Tracking, Broodstock, Food Live

  • Production Control, Production Orders, Material Consumption, Bill of Materials (BOM), Tanks, Cages and other Workstations, Roadmaps, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Costs and Marginal Benefits

  • Materials Management, Warehouse Management, Stock Management, Requisitions and Purchase Orders, Suppliers

  • Operations and Records: Counts, Losts, Feeding, Classification, Physiology, Environment, Treatment, Cleaning and Disinfection, Microbiology, Samples, Nets, Health Records, Cases and Recipes

  • Employees, Calendar Center, Users, Roles and Permissions

  • Multi-language, Multi-species, Multi-center, Multi-company

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