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- Model XL - Automatic Ferti-Irrigation Benches



The machines which carry out and manage the ferti-irrigation are called 'Fertirrigation benches' and consist of a set of pumps, mixer and valves, managed by electronic and/or computerized control units. These ones have been equipped with hydraulic systems and software that allow to manage irrigation and fertigation at the same time, frequency and duration of irrigation, according to the estimation of the water requirements of the crops, and possibility to use adifferent types of water: groundwater, wastewater, rainwater, etc. New technologies allow greater uniformity and precision in the preparation and distribution of fertirrigation solutions and the possibility to vary the type of solution, the quantities distributed during the day, in relation to the different crops and climatic conditions.

These ones are the main advantages of the computerized fertigation benches. Furthermore, the software can record a series of data related to the water consumption, the transpiration of the cultivation, the consumption of nutrient solution and the volumes of the drainage, specially in greenhouse or open filed. These information become essential ones to optimize and improve the efficiency when using nutrient solutions.

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