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- Late for Pigmented Rainbow Trout



Whether the fish is marketed fresh at 1,5 – 2,5 kg, or even larger specimens are produced for smoking purposes, or live fish for stocking of fishing ponds etc., large, well pigmented rainbow trout produced in freshwater is a valuable cost effective supplement to the more traditional freshwater product: pan size rainbow trout.

Depending on general farming conditions and temperature range in particular, the production of large rainbow trout in freshwater may require more than two winter periods. To reduce the risk of pre-slaughter maturation, AquaSearch ova is offering all female eggs from 4 or 5 year old maturing brood stock.

Because of the genetic correlation between late maturation and low specific growth rate (SGR) it is a delicate balance to breed for high growth rate and late maturation, but with AquaSearch LATE, we are offering “the best of both worlds”.

AquaSearch LATE product line is characterised by

  • Licensed specific disease free eggs
  • Guaranteed* > 95 % hatching
  • 100 % all females
  • 4 or 5 year or older maturing brood stock are used
  • General stress and disease tolerance
  • High growth rate
  • Low feed conversion rate
  • Elongated body shape
  • Aggressive feeding in fry as well as on-growers
  • Depending on feeding rate and local conditions, maturation during the period required for production of large rainbow trout should not be an issue.

*Provided hatching technique and environmental conditons are not compromising in any way.

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