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Augermatic & Male Pan Feeder System

The correct feeding of males is very important for a high fertility rate. Separately feeding males guarantees that all males receive the specified amount of feed. Moreover, it is possible to use different feed mixes for hens and males. Feed is supplied by a high speed auger. It is very important that the feed lines are lifted high enough so that the pans are out of reach of the hens.

The Male Pan (Ø 330 mm) is equipped with a 5-arm grill, with or without sliding shut-off, and can feed 7 to 9 birds. The solid, stable connection to the pipe can easily withstand the stress and strain caused by the males during feeding.

The Male Pan has fixed connection to the pipe and an integrated volume reducer.

If the Male Pan with sectioned dish is used, the integrated volume reducer allows fast, simultaneous and uniform filling of all pans.

  1. Controlled feeding is easy with the augermatic rapidly distributing feed throughout the entire house upon feeding time.
  2. The volume reducing insert in combination with the sectional dish reduces the feed volume by approx. 2/3.
  3. One pan is sufficient for feeding 7 -9 males.
  4. The fixed and very stable connection to the pipe withstands the weight of the males during feeding.
  5. Available with or without slide shut-off.

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