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Waikato Milking Systems LP

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The Bail Marshal brings an unbeatable level of integration and simplicity to your milking system. With one on every bail, the Bail Marshal manages connectivity and communication between all your bail devices with speed and reliability.

The beauty of the Bail Marshal system is that it enables you to add as many devices to each bail as you like whenever you want, including Electronic Milk Meters, Smart ECRs (electronic cup removers), SmartD-Tect (early mastitis alert technology) and SmartSPRAY (automatic teat spray system).

With the Bail Marshal, it really is as simple as your technician plugging in and playing any new technology devices - both current and future designs. This gives you long-term peace of mind. 

Another key milking aspect of the system is that any software upgrades for your bail devices are easy for your dealer to apply. Simply input any changes into your Waikato Milking Systems' central controller, SmartCONTROL, and it will communicate the changes automatically to your bail devices through the Bail Marshals.

The Bail Marshal is a quantum leap in the power of plug and play technology and opens up a whole new world of milking system integration.

  • The ultimate in plug and play technology - any new device simply plugs in, giving you phenomenal future proofing.
  • Designed to work with current and future technology
  • Powerful diagnostics signal when maintenance is needed on the Bail Marshal or any bail device
  • The intelligence behind the design is the modern CAN network operating system

  • Brings the power of integration to your milking system like never before
  • Makes adding new technology to your milking system extremely easy
  • Makes maintaining and upgrading your bail devices very easy

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