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- Model SC - Highly Concentrated Product



BioPower® SC, approved to be used in Canada under registration number 982800, 982803 and 983776, is a naturally occurring rumen specific viable yeast product. BioPower SC, Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077, has been selected to help optimize rumen function through the diet.

Research –proven, BioPower SC has been allowed several production claims in dairy cattle, beef cattle, dairy goats and horses by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

BioPower SC is available in two forms:

  • BioPower SC 20 is a highly concentrated product that is ideal for low inclusion applications (e.g. feed additive machines, vitamin mineral premixes, etc.)
  • BioPower SC 10 ME is a micro-encapsulated product, which utilizes the patented Lallemand technology that allows for the product to be pelletized and remain viable

BioPower SC is a viable yeast product and when fed as directed it:

  • Increases milk production in lactating dairy cows.
  • Increases average daily gain in beef cattle.
  • Increases milk production in lactating dairy goats.
  • Improves feed digestibility in horses.

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