Light orange 3- to 3.5-inch semi-double, hose-in-hose flowers can be a dark coral, depending on the season. Very uniform and spreading plant with excellent flower production and a “cookie cutter habit.” Dense, glossy foliage. A medium forcer with excellent overall keeping quality.

A Homescaper® Product: Enjoy indoors as a potted plant, outdoors in the landscape or as patio potted plants...anywhere a splash of color is desired. Not hardy outdoors when temperatures drop below 35 degrees F. 

Product Form:
LINERS: Dormant & Ready-to-Force (RTF) 4.5-inch (11 cm), 6-inch (15 cm), 6-inch (15 cm) Market; FINISHED: 4.5-inch (11 cm), 6-inch (15 cm), 6-inch (15 cm) Market, 6-inch (15 cm) Trees

Flower Color:
Foliage Color:
Flower Size:
3- to 3.5-inches
Flower Form:
Semi-double, hose-in-hose
Keeping Quality:

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