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- Vertical Tillage System



The BLU-JET CoulterPro gives you a powerful 3-point mounted tool for the demands of today's conservation farming. With CoulterPro, you can till, fertilize and place chemicals in one pass, or separately, depending on your requirements. CoulterPro possesses outstanding versatility for producers who require several operations to be done with one implement. By adjusting CoulterPro's row spacings and attachments to match your requirements, you can use the implement for several different operations throughout the year.

Just a few examples of CoulterPro's versatility are listed below:

  • CoulterPro with LandTracker 9400 ahead of a NoTill Drill or Planter
  • Track Tillage
  • Conservation Tillage
  • PrePlant Fertilizer Application
  • SideDress Fertilizer Application
  • StripTill

  • Wide, Double Toolbar with 26' Rank
  • Rigid models available in 15' & 20' widths
  • Folding models available in 24', 30', & 40' widths
  • Category II or Category III 3-point hitch.

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