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Blue Rose Tinted


Bunch: 25 stem per Bunch Colors: Blue Tinted Vase Life: 8-10 days Availability: Upon Request Packing: 250 Stem per Half Box 40cm 200 Stem per Half Box 50cm 150 Stem per half Box 60cm.

Blue Roses are a rare and eye catching fresh cut flower.

• This rose variety is tinted. The tint will NOT rub off of the petals; however, the color may seep where stems are cut or leaves are torn from the stem, especially when wet.
• Temporarily stains hands, so wear gloves. May stain clothing. 
• The color of this tinted rose may vary to some degree. Flowers react differently to tints. Some petals may not absorb the tint 100o/o and the color may be darker on some petals than on others. Also, the tint may affect the color of the veins and leaves. Remove them with a crisp separation if desired. 
• Additionally, the color of this tinted rose will be stronger when you first receive the flower. The color will not appear as strong once the flower blooms. Please refer to our Flower Care section to read how to properly care for your tinted Roses.

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