Blueline Dryers a Division of Cook Industrial Electric Company Inc

- Model 3830 & 3825 - 45` Semi Trailer Peanut Dryers



Since being introduced in 1998, these dryers have proven to be ideal for both high volume and high quality curing of peanuts. Curing times are comparable to conventional trailers holding from four to seven tons, with drying uniformity that exceeds that found in most smaller trailers. Feedback from our customers indicates that the use of correctly matched semi trailers and semi trailer dryers can have a significant impact on your energy costs. Blueline’s SEMI trailer peanut dryers have been proving themselves since 1998, with over 1,000 dryers in operation at nearly 50 locations throughout the Southeast and Southwest.

  • Dry 22 to 28 tons of peanuts in the same time as typical 4 to 7 ton loads; semi trailers can safely cover greater distances, allowing a larger customer base
  • Reduce labor costs and paperwork by handling fewer trailers; reduce maintenance costs by operating fewer trailers and dryers
  • A well-designed semi trailer and dryer combination has been shown to dry peanuts more uniformly than conventional 14’ and 21’ trailers, and the peanuts are handled fewer times
  • Semi trailers are inherently safer on the highway than conventional trailers

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