BoPil A/S

BoPil A/S

- Feeding System

BoPil SpotFish from BoPil Aqua is a feeding system for fish farmers who want to optimize farm performance related to labor, efficiency and growth.

  • Automatic weighing, mixing and feeding of fish - several times a day
  • Can mix different pellet sizes
  • Can feed the brood houses with very small amounts
  • Can distribute feed up to 800 meters
  • Automatic feed adjustment based on water temperature
  • All feed data automatically recorded
  • No restrictions on number of feed lines
  • Can spread the feed over a large area
  • Easy to maintain

  • Better feed efficiency - better growth
  • BoPil SpotFish saves many hours of manual feeding and feed management
  • Online monitoring and control via PC at the office and PDA at the ponds
  • Extensive dispersion of feed results in less stress for the fish
  • Constant oxygen levels and minimal impact on biofilter

  • BoPil SpotFish saves operating costs and labor
  • Great flexibility in compound
  • Optimal feed efficiency
  • Better working environment
  • Always updated overview
  • Simple and easily accessible computer control

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