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- Complete Pig Hoof Care / Pig Hoof Trimming Set



The Complete Pig Hoof Care / Trimming Set will handle any pig’s hoof: large, small, overgrown, rock hard, problem or even the hooves of a show animal. From the Fine Grit Flap Disc Sander to the 8-Tooth Chain Disc we’ve got you covered. This set includes all of the discs that we normally recommend to our goat people. But if you have a ranch or a farm full of all kinds of hooved animals, let us recommend the Trim–It–All set. It has 10 abrasive discs and 2 chain discs. We recommend this set to zoos, rescue shelters and petting zoos to mention a few. You can trim goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, cows, horses and even llamas and alpacas. We have even had ranchers use it on yaks. If it has a hoof, you can trim it with this set.

  • HOOF BOSS: Features lever paddle switch for quick start and stop. Weighing just a little over a pound, it is truly a one hand operation.
  • 3mm Hex Key: Used for changing the discs.
  • Diamond-Coated Chain Disc File: For sharpening the tungsten carbide teeth on the chain.
  • Carrying Case: Durable, lightweight bag for tool and discs
  • Safety Glasses: Clear, UV-protective, impact resistant, wrap around design to provide full protection
  • Instructional DVD: Comprehensive & easy-to-follow instructions
  • Gold Fine Grit Disc: A flat, fine abrasive disc good for trimming baby or small hooves.
  • Blue Coarse Grit Disc: A flat, coarse abrasive disc perfect for trimming hooves of any kind.
  • Silver X Coarse Grit Disc: A flat, coarse abrasive disc for trimming the toughest hooves
  • 8–Tooth Chain Discs: Perfect for removing hoof material from a large herd of goats.
  • Two Flap Disc Sanders: One 60 grit sanding disc and one 120 grit sanding disc.

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