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Briggs Four Wheel Irrigation Booms


Ranging in size from 50 to 64 metres, All are easy to operate, can be folded by one person in just a few minutes for transport and can be operated with almost any make and size of hosereel.


  • Uniform water application gives far more even crop growth compared to raingun systems.
  • Using a Briggs boom can reduce water consumption by 20% compared with raingun systems.
  • High flow rates allow faster retraction enabling large areas to be covered in less time.
  • Controlled droplet size reduces soil damage. Large droplets can be selected to reduce drift while fine droplets can be used to minimise damage to very delicate crops.
  • Reduced impact from small droplets also reduces soil capping and soil erosion.
  • Low pressure operation helps reduce pumping costs and puts less strain on the pipeline.

Tough & Reliable

  • All booms are made from steel and are fully galvanised which ensures a long life span.
  • All components are manufactured using modern technology and spares are readily available for any boom we have ever made.
  • Models currently available include the R50, and R64 (numbers designate structural length in metres). Click for specification chart.
  • Options developed in conjunction with farmers around the world make the booms highly versatile.


  • The irrigators can be towed and operated from either end and the option of ‘offset hose feed’ keeps the hosereel pipe in the wheeling, alleviating traction problems.
  • Semi-automatic locking catches mean that even the largest booms are genuinely one man operation with no lifting or carrying.
  • Four wheel steering means the boom follows the tractor when being pulled into the row to keep crop damage to a minimum.
  • There is a choice of Nelson pressure regulated Sprayjets or Rotators configured to suit flow rates and droplet size requirements of the soil and crop.
  • A choice of blanking plates, raingun mounting kits and end sprinklers give the booms incredibly good versatility.


Designed and built to the same high standards as Briggs larger models, the R18, R24, R30 and R40 mounted booms allow lane spacings of 18 – 48 metres(other widths in between those shown available on request).

For ease of operation the booms are transported on the reel and a fixed hydraulic lift system has been developed to transport the booms safely.

All models give accurate and uniform water distribution under a wide range of conditions, with a controlled droplet size to match the crop.
The booms operate at low pressure (0.6 – 4 bar) and can apply from 14 to 50 cubic metres per hour.

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