AgriGo Ltd.

AgriGo Ltd.

Broiler and Breeding Farms

AgriGo Ltd. specializes in the design and establishment of broiler farms (including broilers, breeding layers and rearing layers) as complete, integrated units or as individual specialized units.   AgriGo both modernizes established farms and designs entirely new farming complexes.

Planning on this scale must take the following parameters into account: 
  • The location relative to neighboring farming units (the minimum distance for biological safety) and local communities 
  • Local conditions – Soil, topography (drainage), climate (prevailing winds)
  • Area size – Length and width
  • Access to the necessary transportation routes 
  • Availability of water, electricity, gas and communications 
  • Required production levels and their distribution over time

A typical farm building must include the following systems in order to provide the solutions for modern working methods and regimes and to ensure full exploitation of the investment in buildings and equipment: 

  • Perimeter fence with drainage ditches and screening vegetation (landscaping)
  • A single entrance gate for trucks with automatic or manual controls; a disinfecting tunnel and/or pit and a weighbridge 
  • Perimeter road to enable access for feed trucks and the trucks transporting chickens and/or eggs for marketing
  • Entrance building including offices and the access and services complex for employees and visitors – Cloakrooms, showers, laundry, toilets and parking
  • Storage areas for technical equipment, spare parts and bedding 
  • Drinking water and cooling systems, washing and firefighting systems including an emergency reservoir for both purposes
  • Electricity supply system (transformer / main electrical cabinet, backup generator) gas supply and communications systems
  • Carcass disposal pits 
  • Breeding farms shall include egg cooling rooms and an egg collection and sorting system (either an automated or a manual system)

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