Buhler Farm King Finishing Mower

Since its introduction in 1987, Farm King finishing mowers have become popular on farms, golf courses and wherever large lawns are manicured.  Buhler Farm King builds top quality finishing mowers recognized to be among the best in the industry.  Manufactured with top quality material for a top quality performance.

 High-speed blades for a high-quality cut                                                                                                  

  Each mower features three high-speed blades with one of the highest rated tip-speeds in the industry.  This creates a powerful suction that lifts each blade of grass for a crisp cut.  A blade overlap of 2 5/8' prevents stripping and ensures the lawn is mowed evenly. 

 Easy to use & easy to maintain

  Buhler Farm King Finishing Mowers are built to be durable and long lasting.  The deck floats on uneven terrain to avoid scalping regardless of the angle of approach so you get a manicured appearance with no strips or divots even if the terrain has some roll.  The heavy 7 gauge deck is reinforced with a solid steel rod edge.  Four free-swivelling pneumatic wheels with puncture proof sealant and bushings in the wheel hubs ensure long-term reliability.  Each wheel yoke includes a cutting height adjustment on the wheel yoke shaft.  The front roller prevents scalping.  A slide adjustment is located under the gearbox for easy belt tensioning. 

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