Bunker Silo

The PIT SILO offered by Silo J.M. Lambert is designed with factory precast concrete walls. This approach not only ensures that the product always conforms to every requirement for this type of silo, but it also gives a compressive force (density) of a 6001b.test, responding to market requirements.

  • Low percentage of water absorption.
  • Controlled joints to assure better tightness.
  • Adapted to customer needs and versatile by its versatile and transformable attribute.
  • Floor (base) specially designed to resist silage acids.
  • Angular floor for better irrigation.
  • Airtight polypro retractable roof with removable cylinders.
  • Removable cylinders of new concept, easy to store.
  • According to needs, installation of a retention basin to hold liquids.

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