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- Model 20 Series - Single Rotor Slashers



Bush Hog®’s BH20 Series Rotary Cutters bring our famous reliability to brush cutting and weed and grass mowing for farms, estates, and highway right-of-way mowing. Built with Bush Hog®’s tough features, this series delivers superior performance the first day on the job and for years to come.

  • Easy clean sloped 10-Gauge Decks built to eliminate trash build up and water traps.
  • 1/4-inch Sidebands are continuously welded. Formed of 1/4-inch thick steel, they are 12 1/2-inches deep and able to handle large volumes of material.
  • Replaceable Full Length 1/4-Inch Skids run onehalf the length of the deck to protect side bands and add strength that resists bending.
  • Bush Hog® Gearboxes that survived our impact test, unbalanced test, and durability test. The splined output shafts with tapered roller bearings resist thrust and side loads as the pan pushes cutter up or to the side of large obstacles like rocks or stumps.
  • Powder Coat Paint in colors that match today’s tractors is baked on to resist rust and nicks through years of rugged work.
  • 5-Year Gearbox Limited Warranty comes with each new BH20 Series Cutter.
  • Tail Wheel Beam has 3/16-inch wall and is clamped between two heavy steel plates for a secure fit to resist side loads during turns. Dual tail wheels available on BH27.

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