- Model 100 - Soil Conditioner Nutrient Supplement



PRODUCT OVERVIEW/DESCRIPTION: Soil Conditioner-Nutrient Supplement. Soil quality continues to degrade over many parts of the country. Various additives have depleted the natural microbial population, which are necessary to process nutrients (N-P-K) in order for them to be available for uptake into plants and crops. As a result, overuse of conventional fertilizers occurs, which causes other soil issues such as salt and phosphate build-up, not to mention the added cost. ByoSoil 100 (patent pending) is a blend of a number of unique components designed to correct soil problems and provide basic nutrient requirements of plants and crops. The primary ingredients include the following;

  • Soil conditioner and nutrient supplement
  • Increases plant beneficial microbes within the soil
  • Detoxifies the soil from the full spectrum of accumulated toxins associated with conventional fertilizers and regular chemical products
  • Improve organic soil structure through humic acid technology
  • All Organic option.
  • Costs less than conventional options
  • Reduces incidence of disease by breaking down harmful bacteria and disease pathogens

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