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With a durable re-usable plastic housing, Cahaba snake traps work indoors and outdoors, 24 hours a day, rain or shine. The replaceable glue trap Catch Inserts make it affordable and very versatile. The large traps come with 3 catch inserts while the small traps come with 4 catch inserts. All catch inserts can be purchased separately from the trap housings. This allows for the affordable and repeated use of trap housing with replaceable catch inserts.

Cahaba Snake Trap Applications: Snakes like to live in damp, dark, cool places where food is abundant. Likely places to find snakes include;

      •  Inside garages, potting, lawn and tool sheds.
      •  Crawl spaces under houses and voids under pavement.
      •  Vacated structures like vacation homes, cabins, hunting lodges, boat houses, etc.
      •  Storage buildings, barns, lean-tos, animal containment.
      •  Firewood stacked directly on the ground.
      •  Old lumber, junk piles, well head covers, under pedestal bird baths.
      •  Gardens and flower beds with heavy mulch.
      •  Untrimmed shrubs and shrubs growing next to a foundation.
      •  Un-mowed and un-kept lawns, abandoned lots and fields with tall vegetation.
      •  Pond and stream banks with abundant debris and trash.
      •  Cluttered basements and attics with a rodent, bird or bat problem.
      •  Anywhere snakes and other small pests are a problem.

How Cahaba Snake Traps work:

  • For snakes up to 18' long, use the Small hard cover trap. For larger snakes and pests, use the large hardcover and fold-up traps.
  • Each trap comes with Catch Inserts with a full coverage, specially formulated glue that immobilizes the snake.
  • This sticky glue immobilizes even large snakes, allowing for live capture, safe removal and live release at a remote location.
  • NOTE: ALL SNAKES CAN BITE AND SOME SNAKES ARE POISONOUS. Always use caution when moving traps with snakes in them.
  • To ensure your safety, please read, understand and follow the instructions and precautions provided with the snake traps.
  • To release the snake, simply pour liberal amounts of vegetable oil on the snake and on the glue around the snake.
  • The oil neutralizes the glue, allowing the snake to go free at the desired release location.
  • After the snake is free, simply wash off the trap, remove any residual adhesive and place another Catch Insert in the trap.

What makes Cahaba Snake Traps so much better:

  • They work indoors and outdoors, rain or shine, 24 hours a day
  • Repeatable, multi-use traps with replaceable catch inserts.
  • Much more economical than single use traps.
  • Installs quickly and easily, no tools needed.
  • Large hardcover trap measures 32' x 10.5' x 2.5' and includes 2 catch inserts.
  • Small hardcover trap measures 16.5' x 5.5' x 2.5' and comes with 3 catch inserts.
  • Economy fold-up trap measures 32' x 10.5' x 2.5' and includes 1 catch insert.
  • All traps come with Genuine Cahaba Catch Inserts - no substitutes.
  • Ultra-sticky glue holds snakes and other pests firmly in place.
  • Catch Inserts can last up to 12 months in the trap and up to 5 years in storage.
  • PET SAFE. The enclosed design helps prevent pets from getting into the trap.
  • Catches rodents, lizards, scorpions, spiders and much more.
  • Humane release; uses vegetable (cooking) oil.

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