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Calf Milk Pasteurizer



The milk is heated by heating elements placed in the double wall up to the pasteurization temperature (max. 72°C to prevent milk caramelization). This temperature is held until the thermolabile bacteria are eliminated. Then the milk is cooled to the temperature suitable to feed the calves (39°C) by means of well water in the double wall (also available with refrigeration system to reduce water consumption).


  • great saving on milk powder as it enables to pasteurize waste milk

  • healthier and natural calf growth thanks to the immune proteins of sanitized cow’s milk

  • effectiveness against para-tuberculosis/ Johne’s disease, aureus, diarrhoea and other diseases

  • development of body mass in less time

  • treatment of a part of the colostrum (15-30%)

  • it keeps the same nutritive values of cow’s milk


  • the calf milk pasteurizers are fully automatic and are available in the capacities from 75 to 500 litres

(in order to choose the size of the machine consider 2.5 - 3 l of milk per calf each feed)

  • electrical consumption: the pasteurizers are equipped with control panel in order to optimize the

power consumption during the cycle of pasteurization - power installed: from 4 to 15 kW

  • mobile versions on wheels available: manual handling (up to 150l) or system with draw bar and

towing vehicle (from 200 l)

  • versions with electronic distribution system are also available provided with battery and the option to choose the quantity of milk to be delivered to the calves

  • multiprogram electronic panel with the possibility to customize each phase of the pasteurization cycle including the time for calf feeding

  • possibility of managing up to 3 milkings per day

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