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There is no end to the benefits achieved by using EnviroBed regularly on your farm. As well as keeping beds clean and hygenic, EnviroBed is easy to store and totally environmentally friendly. Breaking down easily in slurry and naturally producing lime for your fields.

Works to reduce cell count & mastitis

Neutralising effects on soil pH

Its natural pH of 7.4  is a hostile enviroment for harmful pathogens

EnviroBed breaks down easily in slurry which means that it doesn’t block any channels

5 x more absorbent than sawdust

10 x more absorbent than straw

Lime ash is 3x heavier than and harder to store than EnviroBed. Plus EnviroBed goes a lot further

You’d need to use 15x more straw compared to EnviroBed

Although it is the same density as sawdust, EnviroBed does not blow off bed easily and blots up moistre like blotting paper

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