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- Model Amnite A100 - Plant Growth Enhancer



The product contains: Selected, naturally occurring, Hazard Group 1 soil micro-organisms many of which are capable of interactions with plants, surfactants, free enzymes and nutrients, cereal based carrier.

The product contains 14 strains belonging to the Azotobacter, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium and Chaetomium genera. The component strains include both aerobic and facultative organisms. The total viable count in the ready to use product is not less than 5.0 x 108cfu/g.

The product has a two-way action to enhance plant growth. It stimulates growth of plants directly by improving the nutritional status of the root environment. The product also greatly diminishes and often eliminates altogether the incidence of attack by pathogens such as Pythium and Botrytis. The product needs to be activated before application. Once Amnite A100 treatment has commenced it is essential that all aspects of the nutritional status of the plant environment are monitored and appropriate adjustments made.

Amnite A100 is suitable for application to a wide variety of plants. Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, capsicums, ornamental flowers and herbs are just some of the varied plants which have benefited from Amnite A100 application. The product is amenable for use with all kinds of growing methods including hydroponics growth, growth under glass and in fields. The product can be applied as part of the irrigation solution or foliar spray solution.

Amnite A100 is a granular powder which increases productivity of plants, controls diseases caused by a variety of pathogens and in many instances eliminates the need to use chemical pesticides and fungicides. Overall, Amnite A100 increases productivity with the plants having a healthy looking gloss and the produce being more uniform in size and exhibiting longer shelf lives. As the product interacts with the plants at a nutritional level it is important that the nutritional status of the plant environment is continually monitored. It has also proved effective for algae control in ponds. The product is safe to use. It does not contain any pathogens.


  • Granular powder which increases productivity of plants
  • The product is safe to use


  • Improvement in growth rate
  • Increase in sugar content in vegetables
  • Increased resistance to Botrytis, Pythium and Phytophthora
  • Control of algal growths

Cereal crops

  • Improvement in plant resistance to pathogens
  • Increase in protein content
  • Better and more consistent yields

Horticulture and Vegetables

  • Reduction in use of fungicides and pesticides
  • Increase in shelf life of produce
  • Improvement in resistance to pathogens
  • Reduction in plant loss
  • Acceleration of the growing cycle
  • Improvement in size and appearance of crops

Control of filamentous algal blooms on lakes, lagoons and ponds

  • Avoid algal growths from absorbing oxygen and nutrients from the water and preventing the penetration of sunlight.
  • Control unsightly algal blooms

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