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Coco peat moss blocks 5 kg or 25 kg contain one hundred percent natural compost. Coir peat moss manufactured from the coconut husk and therefore no chemicals are involved because the coco peat moss blocks are really a true organic compost product. It guarantees a high environmental acceptability and it is perfectly appropriate as compost for professional nurseries. Most of professional nurseries are asking coir peat compost because of these compost are organic and eco-friendly. 

Coir Peat moss blocks need to be drenched in lukewarm water (5 kg coco peat moss blocks in 75 litres, 25 kg coco peat moss blocks in 200 litres). After soaking the compost needs to be mixed completely. Coir peat moss blocks provide an amount of 75 litres and 200 litres correspondingly. Adding regular compost fertilizer is needed.

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