Combined Mega Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine


Tractor drawn attaching to read works by the movement of the tractor pto. Our self-oiled machines except PTO and 12 volt power battery ,from the tractor does not want any requirements. Lift the drum unit and stars all units of the external machine with a hydraulic system is working Electronics – Power control allows a range of dismantling and removal of beet automatically adjusts the height. Net 5 tons of storage that can receive and reach a height of 440 cm and placement of the loading process is easy and can do in a short time. Our machine has Test Report of Konya Selçuk University Faculty of Agriculture.

As a result of stone jam elevator lift unit turned back and moved the unit automatically provides disposal. If there not turning back scored again repeats this process until disposal. Additionally, the process control lever manually with the button on the back you can lift. In this way,  mouth of lift  is clean at all time.

Through the    crank-type digging  mechanism ,  muddy terrain collection and dismantling dismantling mud on their legs to the mouth of the collected sludge removal mechanism eliminates the influence. Digging  weeds in grassy land that is also on the crank-type mechanism for dismantling can not influence.

Control lever is pressed on the run drain discharge unit, returning at first in the mouth, which draws beet backwards; If you take your finger from the key turning in the right direction to operate the unloading process. This process ensures the tank drain unceasingly.

Height / On the road 3900 mm.
Height / On unload 4400 mm.
Width / While working 3700 mm.
Width / On unload 5600 mm.
Length / On the road 6000 mm.
Length / While working 6100 mm.
Weight 3300 kg.
The Distance Between Wheels Min : 2025 mm. / Max : 2250 mm.
Loading Height 4305 mm.
Tire Size 11.2/24 TA300
Tail Shaft Speed 540 rpm
Moving Speed 2-3-4 Slow and 1 Gear Fast
İWork Capacity 2.7 - 3.45 Acres/Hour
Second Row Preparation Unit Double Cleaning Unit and Spring
Head Cutting System Spring-loaded Comb System
Capacity 4.5 - 5 Tons
Color Red

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