Commercial Greenhouse Applications


The SINOx CO2 System 701 has been specially developed for application in greenhouses. The purified and CO2optimised emissions are ideal for the accelerated growth of plants, vegetables and fruit, and of course meet required local emissions limits. Many greenhouse operators are choosing to install engines at their facilities due to the significant benefits: lower power costs, lower fertilizer costs and revenue generated by excess power sales.

  • Reactor and mixing duct with SINOx SCR and catalyst
  • Advanced logic controller with a remote connection for diagnosis, data acquisition and software updates
  • Qualified emissions analyser for nitrogen oxide and ethylene, for compliance with local emission limits
  • Industrial quality tank and pumping station
  • Air and urea injection control system
  • Air compressor supply system

The compact construction of our modular system is designed for flexibility and rapid customer system integration benefitting our greenhouse operators. The modular SINOx CO2 System 701 can be optimally adapted to a customer's individual requirements.

The reliability of our individual components and the industrial reliability of our system are a result of our stringent quality assurance process. As a product of the SINOx Emission Control line, the SINOx CO2System 701 fulfils high technical standards and is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Customers can rely on rapid support with our service agreements and maintenance contracts, which ensure the reliable operation of all SINOx Systems worldwide.

In addition to our worldwide competence in development, fabrication and distribution of SCR catalysis and components, we offer planning and support for the engineering of different SINOx Systems - including flow modelling, if needed, for the optimisation of your configuration.

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