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Commercial Hopper Bottom Silo



Wide range of products Mysilo manufactures different model commercial hopper base silos, diameters of which varies from 4.58 to 11.0 m and capacity up to 1829m³. Four different hopper angles as 37°, 40°, 45° and 60° can be manufactured according to silo diameter, grain to be stored, natural conditions of the place where silo is desired to be erected such as wind, seismic, snow loads. Hopper angle of silos vary depending on sio diameter, intended use and be stored type of product for comfort flowing. Waste of time and Money are prevented by hopper base while unloading. Hopper bottom silos can be separated into two sections. First ones which have low capacity are named Economic Hopper Bottom Silos and others which have high capacities Commercial Hopper Bottom Silos. Due to the high capacity, specially designed strong hopper structure bears the silo loads efficiently. All design details are considered for the safe grain storage.

Sidewall stiffeners are manufactured from 600gr/m² galvanized, S350GD+Z (min. 350 N/mm² tensile strain) high strength steel. Transition of the vertical loads (dead load, load during loading or unloading, wind and seismic loads) of silo is very easy with these specially designed stiffeners. Mysilo sidewall sheets have the most narrow corrugation in the world which is 65 mm.
Roof structure of silo is also specially designed and manufactured by using high strength steel with 600 gr/m² galvaniz coating. It provides an excellent sealing by fully overlapped, strong structure. Mysilo roofs are framed by 30° sturdy beams. Beside standard roof models, custom designed roofs are available which can bear the specific loads such as different snow and wind loads according to the location. High strength hardware is another reason why Mysilo products have long-life. Accordingly; DACROMET 500 coated, EN DIN 933 Grade 10,9 hardware used both on sidewall and stiffener beams. Thanks to HDPE bonded washer and strip caulking, efficiency on sealing is obtained.
Safety on roof access is provided via Mysilo sidewall and roof ladders. Spacing between sidewall ladder and sidewall, embossing on the ladder rungs are specially designed for safety and not to slide. Resting platforms are located at certain levels according to related ASAE S412 American standards and it provides ascending-descending ladder safety and comfortably. Inside ladders are also available for maintenance and the controls inside silo. Mysilo also offers circular stair and specially designed roof ladders with hand-rails and stairs optionally which are more comfortable and safe equipments.
Silo access door is offered two pieces in each silo. First is utilized to access from roof when silo is loaded, other is located on second bottom ring for entering silo when silo is empty. Thanks to the inner cover of lower access-door; opening of the door is prevented when silo is loaded and safe usage is provided.
Grilled roof vents prevent bird entrance into silo with 10x10 wire. Vent quantity may vary according to silo diameter and grain type to be stored. Seams between roof panels and vents are sealed with high strength-special materials.
Mysilo offers best solutions with its professional engineer staff.

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